• Flyers, Postcards & Business Cards

We’ve grouped Flyers, Postcards & Business Cards under the same heading, as the production process is broadly similar for all these items. Essentially, they all involve us putting as many copies onto one SRA3 sheet as we can (“imposition”), printing them out and cutting them up. The only real difference is the weight of the recommended paper stock and the amount we can get on a sheet.

All of these items can be produced on any weight of stock, from 80gsm plain copier up to 350-400gsm coated card, although obviously some stocks work best for certain items.


The most popular size for these is A5 (148.5mm x 210mm), usually as a single sheet but occasionally as folded A4. We can print single or double sided as required.

For this we would recommend the 120gsm satin coated Colortech+ paper that we always keep in stock. It gives a high-quality slightly subdued lustre finish and the final product feels sufficiently premium without being overly expensive to produce. Perfect for handouts. If however you intend to door-drop your flyers, we would recommend going up to 170gsm which, being slightly thicker, is easier to get through letterboxes.


The standard size for these is A6 (148.5mm x 105mm) and we usually print them double sided with an address section and message on the reverse.

For postcards, we would recommend at least 210gsm card, as anything less that this tend to feel too “floppy” and cheap. In addition, as these are generally door-dropped/posted, the stiffer the card the better, to avoid it crumpling as it goes through letterboxes.

Business Cards

The standard size for these is 85mm x 55mm and we can print them single or double sided.

Due to the size, technically you could print business cards on quite thin stock; as low as 170gsm if necessary. However, we would recommend at least 250gsm card, as anything less that this can feel “cheap” and give the wrong impression. The difference is price per card is minimal, so why take the risk?


Although we are able to produce as few or as many of these items as you need, we would recommend the following minimum and maximum quantites for us to produce them economically in-house.

Below these minimums, the setup and production cost is too high per item. Above the maximums and we would normally recomend going to offset litho production, via an external service. For this use Fuller Davies in Ipswich, with whom we have a long-standing business relationship. Time constraints however, may necessitate producing larger volumes in-house. 

Flyers/Leaflets :100 - 4000

Postcards: 200 - 8000

Business Cards: 250 - 5000

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01376 556369

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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